1. Sometimes you need something a bit out of the ordinary to send. Here you witness a scene from the old arts of spirit channeling, a young master driving the ill minded specters of the Ahvenanmaan province out of the forearms of a unsuspecting boulderer. 

    Or maybe it’s just a well timed photograph of a warm up forearm massage in the Finnish archipelago. You decide.

  2. Had such a rad weekend in Åland with Matlida Söderlund. Fantastic scenery combined with great company, good food and loads of great climbing. Completely wrecked, but worth every aching muscle for SURE!

  3. Made some great progress on my project yesterday. Got almost all the moves moves down, and finally made it to the real crux (HARD though). But Houdini won again. So whats that like session 6? Oh well. 

    Picture of Alex cruising like nobody’s business.

  4. Felix swinging off (?) Haroun and the Sea of Stories V12, Buttermilks

  5. Jocke going up Soul Slinger Right

  6. Felix, Saigon, Buttermilks.

  7. Buttermilks fever

  8. Had a fantastic day out at Svarttjärn friday. Super cool featured wall in the middle of the woods at Ingarö, managed to do my first ever rope climb in Sweden (‘bout time), Corn Flakes 7b+ which was amazing. 

    Alex spent an hour fighting through all the moves on Kristallbandet 8b. The syke was not at an all time high after that, but whatever. 

  10. Mr. Witty

  11. Alex, Grandma Peabody

  13. Camping in Buttermilks

  14. Got two good hours at Brudberget yesterday. And new projects!! SYKED.

  15. Leaving the tablelands, Bishop.