1. Fredrik Serlachius taking a big swing on the second to last problem in the finals. 

  2. Shot the Nordic Junior Championships this weekend. A new experience for sure, exhausting and fun. Got a bit of insight on where I want to proceed with my photography, but in the end more lost than before I think. 

    Anyhow, got a couple of good shots. Inspiring to watch the “kids” compete, toatal beasts (in a good way). 

    Picture of Kajsa Rosén, gold medalist in the Youth A category trying to stick (a _hard_) dyno in the finals.

  4. Tyst Vittne, 7A+. 


  5. climblikeman:


    My friend Eric Karlsson climbing a beautiful fridgesque problem from last weekends Houdini Boulder BloKCout called Färskpressat, 6B+. 

    I’m gunna throw my opinion out there, but this is not cool.  If you need 18inch tick marks to see obvious holds maybe you should stick to the gym. 
    I’m not saying all tick marks are bad, but that is clearly excessive, and I would be embarrassed to post this if it was my friends and a photo I took.


    The picture in question was from an event organized by a gym to get people out there, giving people a chance to experience outdoor climbing. 

    The hold may be obvious from my vantage point as the photographer (who does not feel the slightest bit embarrassed by the way) but for the climber, a tick mark is surely helpful to the climbers who were struggling with the problem as the face is slightly overhanging and the edge pretty much only has that one sweet spot. While unnecessarily big, not unnecessary.

    So while I agree with your point about the tickmark being a tad over sized, I think you need to step off your horse a bit. It’s a line drawn with chalk dude. On a rock. Most likely made by some a bit inexperienced climber who’s just starting to discover the wondrous outdoor world. Even more likely, it was brushed off afterwards. To say to that person the he/she should just stick to the gym is just a shitty thing to say. 

  6. My friend Eric Karlsson climbing a beautiful fridgesque problem from last weekends Houdini Boulder BloKCout called Färskpressat, 6B+. 

  7. Great day out bouldering saturday with Klättercentret and Houdini Sportswear at the annual Houdini Boulder BloKCout event. With about ~150 participants, a a relatively new bouldering area, burgers, free beer and awesome (if a bit warm) early fall weather you really can’t go wrong. 

    Picture of Fredrik Serlachius cruising up one of the best problems in the area, Cream 7B. Nice moves with a delicate crux on a slightly overhanging wall in a really narrow space between rocks keeping it nice and cool. Real good stuff, need to go back for it.

  8. If implanting artificial indestructible tendons was an option, I would do it in the blink of an eye. I WANNA GO CLIMBING OK!!??

  9. I suppose this is the last boulder that broke my fingers, Green Wall Center, V6 in the Buttermilks just about a year and a half ago. Might seem to be one of the worst places for a finger injury, being in the first half of a 5 month climbing trip in one of the premiere bouldering destinations of the world characterized by crimpy highballs and all . But somehow this time feels worse. Indoor. Reason: climbing form being better than ever before. In other words; the same situation as pretty much all my previous finger injuries. 

    Time of injury is also perfectly timed with the start of the start of the fall semester, which is arguably a good thing considering all the freed up time that not being able to climb properly entails, but in reality makes it so much worse because my motivation for school  and doing things in general seem to be affected by my motivation for training, which at the moment is pretty low. 

    It’s not even a particularly bad injury; all it does is prohibit me from pulling hard on crimpers. But at the moment it feels like it puts me completely out of function.

    Oh well, enough with the self pitying. All it really is is a perfect opportunity to mix up my training routines, maybe focus on strength conditioning, OAP, front levers and other party tricks. Substitute hard outdoor climbing with photography and throw myself into the wondrous world of differential equations and mechanics of materials. Also beer.

  10. Cosmo on a late night send of And Justice For All, 7C+ at Fruberget, säsongstart.

  11. Beta check earlier  today during a successful (as opposed to yesterday) session on Shizzlewizzle, 7B+. Aching tips and good times all around. 

  12. Åland throwback of Matilda Söderlund topping Frispel in the Kasviken area. So excited to get back here this fall. 

  13. Yes! First day of fall season 2014 (also vacation) started in successss.Three guys, two repeats and one FA (depicted above; Kill em all, ~7C by Robert Rundin). Nice light, sorta sweet temps. More coming up.

  14. Temps are dropping, so maybe time to get back at it. I feel like I’m stronger than ever, so I guess now would be a good time to give a couple of goes at some of my personal benchmark problems (i.e. unfinished business). All that stands in my way would be the ever untimely rain that’s been coming A LOT the last couple of weeks. Here’s to hoping that it’s not setting a trend for the fall/winter season. 

    Also super excited to get some mileage on my latest acquisition; the 135 mm f/2L. So if you see some tack sharp super rad looking shots coming up, you can thank canon for creating this beauty. 

    Finally: ordered some flash/shutter remote triggers, and getting psyched on strobism. So yeah, if only I can quit thinking about what to get, in favor of actually getting that $150 worth of light modifier/stand stuff that would be just great. 

  15. Kili climbing an awesome arête named Rythmo 7C. Once you have all the moves wired it climbs with a very nice rhythm (as the name suggests) up to a extraordinarily sensitive heel hook. Or you can just jump it (which kind of ruins the problem if you ask me). Magic Wood.