1. A Magic Wood bouldering short. 

  2. Kili climbing an awesome arête named Rythmo 7C. Once you have all the moves wired it climbs with a very nice rhythm (as the name suggests) up to a extraordinarily sensitive heel hook. Or you can just jump it (which kind of ruins the problem if you ask me). Magic Wood.

  3. Beach bouldering in Swizerland

  4. Howard Blyth, Intermezzo, 7C

  5. Alex aaaalmostbutnotquite sticking the one move on this one move wonder: Muttertag, 8A

  6. Alex on his send of Nothing Changes, 8A

  7. Arvid battling the bruno boulder

  8. Gregor on Unendliche Geschichte part one

  9. Hangin loose on Linserboulder, 7A.

  10. Gregor versus Dark Sakai, 8B

  11. Robert and the bruno boulder

  12. Robert and Adrian on Dropzone, Magic Wood

  13. Loads of dry rock in Val Ferrera this year, with just a few exceptions. 

  14. Some font dyno action on Rainbow Rocket

  15. Made a film from the spring season here in Sweden which is now sadly over. Curse this hot summer weather. More to come in the autumn. Enjoy!